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Currently Reading:
Olga Dies Dreaming by Xochitl Gonzalez

Film Genre:
Suspense & Thriller

Video Game:
Tomb Raider & Uncharted

NFL Team:
Dallas Cowboys

Dancing & Cooking

Fav. Pastime: 
Sunbathing at the beach

Most Traveled Countries:
Puerto Rico & South Africa

Dream Job:
Creative Director


Sierra Lauren Coleman is a versatile creative designer hailing from the vibrant MoCo, MD, now calling Washington, D.C. home. During her time at Montgomery College, she studied Graphic Design, mastering print and digital industry techniques, and discovering her passion for visual communication and connection through design.

Pausing her studies, Sierra took on the role of Executive Assistant to a CEO with multiple companies. This experience sharpened her attention to detail, improved collaboration skills, and offered insights into diverse business structures. She successfully saw several merger/acquisitions during her time while overseeing employee onboarding. Occasionally, she provided creative insight for their sports teams, reigniting her passion for design.

In 2019, Sierra established S. Lauren Creative, LLC, her own design studio. Winning contract bids and taking on freelance projects, she's collaborated with various industries including retail, sports, SaaS, and non-profits. These experiences molded her into a passionate advocate for accessible and purposeful design, aiming to seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics.


Currently, Sierra is seeking a role as a UX/UI or visual designer at a company that aligns with one of her many interests.

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