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UX Design Projects

The following are case studies for projects I've completed while enrolled in a 600+ hour, 12-week UX Design immersive bootcamp: a mix of speculative work and client work. 

SoundCloud Logo.png


SoundCloud - Coming Soon

SoundCloud is a music streaming platform that focuses on artists and their discoverability. How can we aim to grow SoundCloud's listeners without overshadowing new artists? 

Okionu logo


Okionu - Provider On-boarding

Okionu is a healthcare SaaS company aiming to connect BIPOC families with practitioners and caregivers during and after pregnancy that will foster community and education.

Jackson's Art logo


Jackson's Art - eCommerce Feature Redesign

Beginning with a provided user archetype, the goal was to develop and test a feature that would successfully address that user's need.

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