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I partnered with a national non-profit organization committed to advancing the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health, housing and civil rights of the Hispanic population of the United States. Their quarterly magazine and convention program booklet are vital for connecting with members and supporters nationwide.


The existing layout lacked cohesion and failed to reflect LULAC's dynamic spirit. Moreover, their members were restless as they hadn't received a LULAC News publication in over a year! With over 90 years in service, they needed to modernize and regain the respect of their audience. With a mixture of submitted articles, ads, and photos from internal and external stakeholders, unifying the content in an engaging way was crucial.


  1. Unified Identity: The new layout captured the spirit of LULAC, reflecting its mission cohesively.

  2. Eye-catching Design: Modern visuals and sleek typography made the publication stand out to its young and elder members.

  3. Streamlined Submission: Implement shared systems among stakeholders for transparent task delegation and tracking which assisted in better organization under an often tight deadline.

  4. Content Clarity: A well-structured layout and carefully selected images made it easy for readers to navigate and find information.

  5. Positive Feedback: Stakeholders praised the thoughtfulness of the revamped design and reader-friendly layout.

  6. Increased Engagement: Focusing on the visual storytelling encouraged readers to get involved and connect with the community.

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